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    The Holocaust is a tricky issue that many Christans are afraid to discuss, let alone even question. Despite this, Holocaust skepticism is on the rise throughout the world. In fact, many people doing the questioning are Jews themselves – and their arguments are quite interesting and compelling.

    What is the Holocaust? According to Wikipedia and official sources, the Holocaust was the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews, carried out by Nazi Germans in various concentration camps during World War II, often using “gas chambers” with Zyklon B (a common household pesticide used to kill lice, which carried deadly Typhus).

    Over the years, and even to this day, there are many prominent Jews who have questioned and/or fully deny the official version of the Holocaust.

    1. Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman (Austria)
    Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman, who is from Austria and speaks German, is a prominent Holocaust denier who has traveled the world warning people about the dangers of Zionism.

    He has made international headlines as an orthodox Jew who vehemently denies the official Holocaust narrative. Below you can see Rabbi Moshe Friedman (left) with Rabbi Ahron Cohen (center) at a Holocaust denial conference in Iran.

    In 2006, Rabbi Friedman traveled to Iran where he attended and spoke at Holocaust denial conferences and also made various media appearances. Quoting Rabbi Friedman:

    The existence of the Zionist regime is based upon the belief that they have to destroy the belief in God throughout the world. Another one of their goals is to destroy the other peoples both physically and economically. Every believer throughout the world should fight Zionism. Whoever cooperates with Zionism in any way is, in fact, opposing his own religion. Whoever believes in Islam and wants to support the Zionist regime in any way, rather than be hostile to it is, in fact, casting doubt upon the sincerity of his belief.

    We have a great problem. By fabricating lies about the Holocaust global Zionism has succeeded in distorting historical truth in its favor…Throughout this period in which Hollywood succeeded in influencing global public opinion and creating the myth of the Holocaust which they interpreted to their advantage the Islamic Republic of Iran was steadfast and exerted efforts in the struggle against the global myth of the Holocaust to the benefit of all peoples of the world. May God protect you. We are grateful for your support.

    In order to accomplish their goals, the Zionists had to create a global disaster such as the threats, pressure, and oppression that the jews suffered. They needed to use this in order to establish Herzl’s philosophy. It was the Zionists who drove the Third Reich in Germany to publicly use pressure and oppression against the jews. It should be pointed out that it was the Zionists who promoted this policy and who led Germany down the path.

    Video interview on Iranian TV (with English subtitles):

    Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman On The Holocaust Mythos And ZIonism
    Video Player

    And here’s the same video, but on Bitchute:

    friedman times of israel

    Rabbi Friedman has apparently been targeted and harassed by the Mossad for speaking out against Zionism and the Holocaust. Unlike other Holocaust deniers in Europe, however, he has never been criminally charged or spent years in jail for questioning history. I guess we can attribute that to his jewish privilege.

    2. David Cole (USA)
    david cole

    David Cole is one of the more famous jewish Holocuast deniers. Cole was born and raised in a jewish family in California and rose to fame in the late 1980s and 1990s. During this time, a growing number of people were questioning the “6 million” number and the existence of homicidal “gas chambers” during World War II. David Cole set out to prove these deniers wrong by thoroughly investigating the matter and traveling to various concentration camps throughout Europe.

    After thoroughly investigating the Holocaust in an attempt to prove the “deniers” wrong, David Cole himself became a Holocaust denier with a wealth of evidence.

    You can find numerous videos of David Cole touring concentration camps, giving interviews, and providing evidence for his beliefs. This is one of his most famous videos, where he tours Auschwitz while wearing his yarmulke, interviews the museum staff, and explains why the gas chambers are a hoax:

    Bitchute link

    After Cole rose to prominence as a well-spoken jewish Holocaust denier, he began receiving death threats from the Jewish Defense League and went into hiding. David Cole then faked his own death and re-appeared as “David Stein” and worked in Hollywood, but was eventually outed in 2013. He continues to deny the Holocaust to this day.

    David Cole appears on the Montel Williams Show

    See other works by David Cole here.

    3. Professor Roger Dommergue (France)

    Jewish professor Roger Dommergue from France is another outspoken Holocaust denier who states his only passion is for the truth. He calls the Holocaust an “absolute lie” and has worked with other prominent Holocaust deniers including Ernst Zündel and Robert Faurisson.

    He states in the video below that debunking the “6 million” number of the Holocaust is a “simple technical arithmetic problem which can be solved by a child in high school.”

    Professor Dommergue also wrote an open letter to Steven Spielberg.

    4. Nathanael Kapner (USA)

    Nathanael Kapner is an outspoken jewish Holocaust denier in the US. He was raised in an orthodox jewish family in Brooklyn. Today, he goes by the name “Brother Nathanael” and claims to be an orthodox Christian, which explains his outfit.

    Nonetheless, he is jewish by blood and vehemently denies the Holocaust in various videos. Kapner also runs a foundation where he discusses other aspects of history and jewish power in the world.

    Below is one of Kapner’s Holocaust videos.

    Brother Nathanael H 2016
    Video Player

    Kapner has other videos, but most of them have been removed and censored from Youtube.

    5. Bobby Fischer – World Chess Champion (USA)

    Bobby Fischer, whose father was German and mother was Jewish, rose to international fame in the 1960s and 70s as a world chess champion.

    Later in his life, Fischer became an outspoken critic of the jewish power structure, which got him into a lot of trouble.

    In the video below, Fischer discusses various topics, including the Holocaust around minute 3:10, where he states “there were no gas chambers – that’s all baloney.”

    Bobby Fischer
    Video Player

    Bobby Fischer spoke out on many other topics, in addition to being a well-known Holocaust denier.

    6. Benjamin Freedman (USA)

    Benjamin Freedman was a jewish insider from New York who swam against the tide during and after World War II.

    Wikipedia officially labels him a Holocaust denier.

    Similar to Nathanael Kapner, Freedman is jewish by birth (jewish race) although he later “converted” to Christianity and adopted Catholicism as his religion.

    Although Freedman doesn’t spend too much time on the Holocaust, his 1961 speech in the Willard Hotel is fascinating. It deals with some interesting topics, including Zionism and the jewish declaration of war and international boycott against Germany in 1933.

    7. Paul Eisen (USA)
    Paul Eisen is yet another jewish Holocaust denier.

    With regard to being smeared with the term “Holocaust denier” he had this to say:

    They call me a Holocaust denier. But “Holocaust denier” is just an abusive term for a Holocaust revisionist—the slur being that Holocaust revisionists are like flat-earthers, people who have lost all touch with reality and deny that anything unpleasant at all happened to Jews at the hands of the National Socialists. They do not. ‘Holocaust denier’ along with ‘racist’ ‘neo-Nazi’, anti-Semite and all the rest is just one more non-definable term of abuse used rather like ‘witch’ in the Middle Ages—a curse to silence those with whom one does not agree.

    You can read Eisen’s essay called “My Life as a Holocaust Denier” here.

    8. Steven Anderson (USA)
    Although Steven Anderson today professes to be a Christian, he admits in his video “Marching to Zion” that he is of Ashkenazi jewish descent through his grandmother, which he confirmed through genetic testing.

    In the 37 minute video below, Anderson delves into many of the reasons why he rejects the official version of the Holocaust.

    StevenAnderson Holocaust
    Video Player

    Here is the same video on Bitchute:

    Of course, we can’t agree with everything that Anderson says – or any of these other jewish Holocaust deniers, for that matter. But for the purpose of this article, we’re only concerned with their opinions regarding the Holocaust narrative.

    Where did the “6 million” number come from?
    Perhaps you are wondering where the famous “6 million” number came from.

    Interestingly, the claim of 6 million Jews being killed (or on the verge of death) appears in many newspapers long before World War II even started:

    Six Million 1915 – 1938
    Video Player

    The video above is actually just a small collection of the times before World War II when the “6 million” number was used.

    The book 6 Million Open Gates reveals 180 of newspaper articles describing exactly 6 million jews being on the verge of death or already dead.

    In short, the “6 million” number is very important and ties into to the jewish Kabbalah, their prophecy of their coming messiah, and the larger Zionist movement. Apparently, they believe that the Jews would “return” to the land of Israel “minus 6 million” of them, which is why they cannot budge on that number no matter how much objective evidence proves it to be a lie.

    Other Jews denying the Holocaust
    Of course, there are certainly many other Jews around the world who reject and/or question the official narrative of the Holocaust and would therefore be labeled “Holocaust deniers.”

    In much of Europe, however, questioning any aspect of the Holocaust can get you locked up for years in jail. Therefore there are likely many more Jews who have issues with the Holocaust narrative, but are afraid to speak out.

    This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather a brief overview of some of the more famous jewish Holocaust deniers over the past few decades.

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