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    Despite the mounting evidence that COVID-19 is not much different from the seasonal flu, Israeli ‘researchers’, funded by the Rothschilds, are telling Big Pharma exactly what it wants to hear: COVID-19 is ‘unique’ and isn’t going anywhere, and the only way to avoid getting infected is to submit to their experimental vaccines:

    The novel coronavirus is not going anywhere anytime soon, suggests new research conducted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which centered on the study of the new virus’ structure.

    Prof. Michal Linial, professor of biological chemistry at the university, together with Dr. Dina Schneidman from the Department of Biological Chemistry and the School of Computer Science at the Hebrew University and Postdoctoral Intern Ester Brail, said that each strain of the virus holds different “offensive capabilities” used to bind itself with human receptors, while the method of binding varies from virus to virus.

    The researchers claim that this new virus strain, named COVID-19, bears a striking 72.8% resemblance in structure to the SARS strain, and so the researchers tested the way in which COVID-19 attaches itself to the ACE2 enzyme, which is part of almost every cell in the human body and is known to serve as an entry point for the SARS virus.

    According to the research, SARS attaches itself to human cells in such a way that researchers found easy to break using medicine.

    Unlike SARS, the COVID-19 strain attaches itself to human cells in a much more aggressive manner, meaning that its removal from a cell is much harder when compared to SARS.

    Due to that fact, researchers and doctors will find it substantially more difficult to develop a cure for this latest coronavirus strain, meaning that a cure could still be a ways off.

    Furthermore, the researchers believe that even after a vaccine is developed, COVID-19 will still be a part of our everyday life.

    “Once a vaccination is found, those who will vaccinate themselves will be immune to the disease, while those who won’t, will continue to spread it,” said Prof. Linial. “I assume that in the future when we will understand the virus’ effects on our immune system better, a vaccination will be given at schools or in any other way in order to protect us from our new ‘friend’.”

    Isn’t it interesting that one of the ‘researchers’ who made this spurious claim works at Hebrew University, which just received a huge grant from the Rothschilds to ‘study’ COVID-19.

    The media, from the beginning of this manufactured ‘pandemic’, have been very careful to constantly remind the gullible public that this virus is ‘novel’ or unique, a one-of-a-kind, something we’ve never seen before.

    All coronaviruses are unique — they constantly mutate, which is why the flu vaccines never work.

    But the CDC and the media want everyone to think that if you are merely exposed to this ‘deadly’ virus, you will get the disease and die without a vaccine — which is why the media has buried the story that everyone in a homeless shelter in Boston tested positive for the virus but none of them showed any symptoms of the disease.

    Yet we know that COVID-19 destroys hemoglobin in the red blood cells, which causes oxygen deprivation and difficulty breathing, which is why a common, cheap, and widely available anti-malarial drug is so effective against COVID-19.

    These Israeli ‘researchers’ obviously didn’t bother to consult with the Australian researchers who, well over a month ago, announced that hydroxychloroquine ‘cured’ COVID-19 infections.

    People in malaria-stricken regions of Asia and Africa have been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative for the last 50 years with minimal side effects, but the FDA just got around to approving a study to test its ‘safety’ to treat COVID-19. What a crock.

    But if this cheap drug works as both a preventative and a ‘cure’ for COVID-19, how will Big Brother and Big Pharma convince the public to take their dangerous and experimental mRNA vaccines grown on cell lines of aborted human fetuses?

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