Despite passing many new draconian laws making any criticism of Jews subject to.

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    Despite passing many new draconian laws making any criticism of Jews subject to fines and imprisonment, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned Sunday that Jews could leave Germany on a “massive” scale if even more ‘urgent action’ was not taken to stem rising antisemitism:

    Writing in Der Spiegel weekly on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp, Maas said anti-Jewish insults and attacks, in real life and online, had become “a daily occurrence.”

    Almost one in two Jews has considered leaving Germany, he said, a country that has long taken pains to confront its Nazi past.

    “We need to take urgent countermeasures to make sure that such thoughts do not turn into a bitter reality and lead to a massive departure of Jews from Germany,” he wrote.

    The fight against anti-Semitism would be a priority when Germany takes over the rotating EU presidency in July and the chairmanship of the Council of Europe, the bloc’s leading human rights body, in November, Maas vowed.

    Germany will push for tougher legal consequences for anti-Semitic acts, he said, and for more EU nations to make Holocaust denial a crime — currently illegal in over a dozen member states including Germany, Belgium and Italy.

    Berlin will also step up the battle against anti-Jewish hate speech and disinformation on social media, Maas wrote, saying perpetrators “should feel the full force of the law across Europe.”

    An anti-Semitic attack in the eastern German city of Halle in October — in which a gunman tried but failed to storm a synagogue before killing a passerby and a customer at a kebab shop — showed that “Jewish sites and communities” needed better protection “everywhere in Europe.”

    To help make that happen, Germany will contribute 500,000 euros ($550,000) to the for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) this year, Maas said.

    The diplomat stressed the importance of educating young people about the horrors of World War II, when six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

    Research had shown that “a third of young Europeans indicated knowing little to nothing about the Holocaust,” he said.

    Reading between the lines, ‘the full force of the law’ can mean only one thing: reintroducing the death penalty could be on the horizon in Europe for anyone who criticizes Jews or the state of Israel.

    Germany may become the first ‘democratic’ country in the world to make so-called ‘antisemitism’ a capital offense. Is there any other reasonable way to stop people from criticizing Jews for no reason whatsoever?

    And Germans will agree to the death penalty in a vain effort to prove to the Jews once and for all that they have no intention of ever throwing them in gas chambers ever again.

    Yes, they are willing to start executing German citizens, if that’s what it’s going to take, in order for Jews to ‘feel safe’. The Bolshevik Jews did exactly that in Russia, murdering 60 million Christians to create a ‘safe space’ for Jews.

    Instead of enacting the death penalty, perhaps it would be best for everyone concerned for all 275,000 Jews in Germany to make aliyah to Israel. That way no one has to die, no one has to lose their freedoms, and Jews themselves won’t have to live in irrational fear ‘another’ Holocaust.

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